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Unlock Avalanche mode and win

Min BetMax BetPaylinesWildsBonus Game
20p £100 20


Rarely do we look on the forces of nature with enough respect! One game is looking to change all that by giving them an absolutely adorable makeover. Play Elements: The Awakening to feel the force of nature!

Elements: The Awakening is an extremely entertaining and incredibly beautiful game. It features the usual staple of Wilds, but there’s also interesting feature in this game that other slot games don’t tend to have – the reels don’t spin like in other slot games, instead they tumble down in an avalanche. When you get a winning combination, the symbols hit will explode and more will fall down from above to form more winning combinations – it’s a bit like Tetris only you have the chance to win money and not points.

The art style of the symbols on the reels is gorgeous; all the elements are represented by little animated and adorable creatures, with the water one being possibly the cutest out of the bunch. Even the background is amazing to look at with each respective element shown as it occurs in nature, from a fiery volcano, barren plains and even icy peaks of an imposing mountain.

How to play

Featuring 5 reels and 20 paylines, Elements is relatively easy to play. Wagers can be set as low as 0.20 pence or as high as £100.00. To alter how many lines you’re betting on or the size of the coins being wagered per spin, just use the left and right arrows next to these options to increase or decrease the amount. From there all you have to do is hit the large glowing square to begin. This game also comes with an Auto Play function that will run the reels for a set number of turns or until a bonus is activated.


Wilds are represented by the large and mysterious cube. These can substitute for any other symbol in your winning combination, but best of all they can double your win return. A nice touch is that they also pay out the highest amount when used in the free spin mode.

Avalanche Mode

The Avalanche mode is activated by filling up the meter at the bottom of the screen. For every winning combination that you hit in the reels, a crystal will light up. You can win up to 4 avalanches to use at your own discretion.

Free Spins Bonus

The free spin mode is activated once you use 4 avalanches in a row; from here players are instantly awarded 10 free spins. A nice addition to the free spin mode is that it comes with its own set of special elemental Wilds that can add a variety of special bonuses to the free spins. The element that’s chosen depends on the onscreen energy meter which steadily fills up and shows which force of nature will dominate in the free spin rounds. The Wilds which can appear are the special, Fire, Air, Earth and Water elements.

The Fire Storm Wilds will burn a swathe of damage across any adjacent symbols when they appear on the reels. The Air Storm Wilds will randomly drop 2 Wilds onto the columns which will stay in position for one spin, after the spin the Wilds will blow away onto a random adjacent block. The Earth Storm Wilds only appear on the second, third and fourth columns, and these Wilds will put down roots and refuse to move until they’ve been activated in one or more winning combinations. Water Storm Wilds will appear on the second, third and fourth columns as well but instead of staying put, they gush up and expand across the entire column turning it Wild.