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Fruit Blast

Make a fruity win with this tropical slots game!

Min BetMax BetPaylinesWildsBonus Game
60p Ā£100 25


Picture yourself on a sunny beach somewhere in the tropics, surrounded by turquoise sea and white sand. The sky is bright and blue with the sun warming everything it touches. Now imagine yourself in a beach hut, making delicious cocktails for customers passing by. Fruit Blast is a game of skill as you match the fruits to blast a sweet tasting cocktail for all to enjoy. You can almost taste it and mix and match in the slot game!

How to Play

Fruit Blast is a unique match-three game which lets you win cash prizes. Join our bartenders and help them blast fruits into tasty shakes on a 5x5 board. Wins are granted by filling the fruits bars. Each fruits bar has its own multiplier of the bet value and the more bars you fill the more money you win.

Every seven blasted similar fruit tiles will fill a fruit bar and give a win according to the fruit bar multiplier. Every fruit bar can be filled multiple times in a game. Different fruit bars can be filled in the same game. Blasting a bonus tiles cluster grants a bonus game and blasting a jackpot tiles cluster grants a jackpot prize.

Special Tiles

2 Special Tiles appear on the game board:

Bonus tile: blasting a cluster of bonus tiles initiates a unique bonus feature. There are 8 different bonus features in the game.

Jackpot tile: Blasting a cluster of jackpot toles grants a jackpot win of x1000 the total bet.

Hawaiian Shake

Fruits are poured into a shake blender and a cash prize pops up. Return to board to finish your game and a bonus prize is added to the game board win.